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Fabrication Services

We have over 150,000 sq.ft. of fabrication and coating space under roof, and are capable and equipped to perform nearly any fabrication project.

AISC / Structural Steel Fabrication

We are an AISC Certified Fabricator. We hold the BU, CPT, and P1 endorsements for building steel, bridge component steel, Simple Bridge Endorsement, and sophisticated paint.

We employ state-of-the-art CNC production equipment including punch plasma, beam line and angle line to deliver fabrication capacity in excess of 100 tons per week.

ASME Fabrication

We hold ASME A, S, U and PP stamps as well as a National Board R stamp. We have experience in fabrication and repair of boilers, power piping, and pressure vessels in accordance with the latest editions and addenda of the ASME Code, and Edwards, Inc. Quality Control Manual.

Specialty Stainless Steel and Alloy Fabrication

We have a segregated stainless steel and alloy fabrication shop focused on the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. We offer custom fabrications, welding, polishing, bead blasting, and laser cutting.

Skids and Modules

With structural, pipe, ASME capability, and electrical capability, we have the experience to meet growing client demand for skid and module fabrication and installation.

Plate Fabrication

We have the forming, cutting and welding equipment, expertise and ability to tackle any custom plate fabrication project. From light to medium gauge duct, to heavy plate hoppers, tanks, cyclones or chutes.

  • Shearing: 3/4 in. x 14 ft.
  • Rolling: 1 in. x 10 ft.
    3.5 in. thick x 12 ft. wide
  • Bending: 1750 ton - 2 in. x 23 ft.
  • CNC plasma and flame cutting
  • CNC punch / plasma
  • CNC laser
  • CNC waterjet
  • Lathe: to 40 in. diameter
  • CNC milling
  • Drilling: 48 in. radial arm
  • Blanchard grinding to 42 in.

Industrial Coating

We are AISC P-1 certified and maintain a 28,000-square foot environmentally-controlled finishing facility. We specialize in industrial steel and pipe coating systems.

  • Surface preparation: SSPC-SP-1 thru SSPC-SP-10
  • Stainless steel polishing and bead blasting
  • Finishing include zinc, epoxy urethane, acrylic, automotive, and more


We are approved by PPG (PITT-CHAR) and International / AkzoNobel (CHARTEK). We have the capability and experience to apply intumescent epoxy fireproofing for both off-site and on-site applications.

Specialty Fabrication Expertise

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